Tito Ramsey’s creations are a synergy of soul, pop, and electronic dance music often drawing comparisons to Jeff Buckley Prince, and Little Richard. His solo show features guitar, keys, vocals, live beat sequencing, and spontaneous bodily eruptions.  Tito has played shows in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and in many cities around the US. He has shared the stage with various well-known musicians, from The Head and the Heart to Cody Chestnut. Ramsey’s current focus is as front man in Brooklyn based band, Legs who are set to release their first full length record in the spring of 2015.

Tito’s family comes from a religious background, as both of his grandfathers were preachers and both of his grandmothers toured the country singing gospel music, but Tito took his own route allowing music to guide his pursuits. In college Tito studied modern jazz and composition, allowing him the opportunity to study with Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, most well-known for writing string arrangements for Marvin Gaye. Since receiving his BA from Hampshire College in 2004, he has collaborated with hordes of talented musicians writing music for dance, film, theater, rock bands and classical chamber groups. He focused his energy on exploring new ways to make music, collecting electronic instruments, and honing a new sound. He has seamlessly blended this new obsession with dance music and his older soulful writing. And now he can’t stop dancing.


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